Friday, March 26, 2010

LAST CHANCE !!! Stop By and fOLLOw to Win!!!


What a AWESOME family vacation
God blessed me with!!!


Give away!
All you have to do is
Beome a Follower...if your not!
jUSt ONE small comment....
You can choose the print you want
it is matted and ready to frame.
April 2nd

Here is what you can win!!
1 8"x10" Matted Archival Print
Titled "Sunflower Fields & Seeds"
 1 8"x10" Archival Print Matted
Titled "Blue Sky's, Blooms and Seeds"

Both are reproductions of my original watercolors
Printed on an Epson Artisan printer with Archival
Ultra Chrome ink, Matted
In a crisp white mat and
enclosed in a clear plastic envelope.
Ready to Frame and Hang!!!
Good Luck!!!

Another stroke of the Brush...

Why is it so hard to get back into the
swing of things after vacation???
Drove through
7 States
3 National Parks
and the
tallest cross in
the Western hemisphere.

More Pics from Vacation Later...
Mean while
Do one Thing Everyday to Reach
YOUR Goals...

Author Unknown

Watch your thoughts,
They define your words.
Watch your words,
They define your actions.
Watch your actions,
They define you habits.
Watch you habits,
They define your character.
Watch your character,
It defines your destiny.

PSALM 146: 1-2
"Praise the Lord!
My whole being, Praise the Lord.
I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing Praises to my God
as long as I live."
Good Luck!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Road Trip to Arizona, Spring Break here we come....

Leaving for Spring break,
Getting Ready!!!
I am so excited to meet my new
niece. She is 6 months old and my
brothers first child.
Just so happens they live in Az.
Soooooo, We are packing up the
kids and Chrysler Pacifica and off we're going!!!
The Griswold's have nothing on us!!!
We'll be stopping at the Grand Canyon for a day!
I'll Take lots of pictures...
to share!!!
See ya all when I get back!
God Bless this trip and our travels!

Always Trusting Him, Always Seeking Him!
And Always, in all ways serving Him...
Have a peaceful week wherever you may be. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Super Big Thank YOU, Sowing Seeds & Faith...

 A Super big Thank YOU!
 sent out to
by Edie
She got my button up and running.
Something I have been trying to
do for weeks!
She has a Gift for Graphics....
I am best gifted in skills not so much...
She has a awesome website
Free Christian Tags to Share.
Check it Out!
You can not tell me
God did not have his hand
in me surfing the world wide web and
finding a graphic angel.

Another Stroke of the Brush...

Seeds, Petals & Scripture Titled
"Son Shine Blooms"
The Yellow flowers represent the light of Jesus
coming into the world to serve and teach the truth.
The abundance of flowers is representational of us living in 
truth and the abundance we receive when we sow seeds in Faith.   
Enrich you soul with healthy thinking.
Meditate on the living word of
Jesus Christ.
The Power of Faith.....

Matthew 21:21-22
"Jesus answered, "I tell you the
truth, if you have
faith and do not doubt, you
will be able to do what I did
to this tree and even more.
You will be able to say to this
mountain, 'Go Fall into the sea.'
And if you have faith,
It will happen.
If you believe, you will get anything
you ask for in prayer."

Faith needs to be more than just
a Sunday event.
Love and serve the Lord
in your faith and
receive the abundance
only He can give.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Than Enough, New Beginnings... Seeds, Petals and Scripture

Hey blog Friends, I have been working on a
series of watercolor paintings I am calling
Seeds, Petals and Scripture.
Over the next few weeks or months
I will share 1  0r 2 each new post.
Some I have probably posted before.

 I began these paintings because I started to think about how God
plants seeds in our souls...
seeds of hope...
seeds of healing,
seeds of dreams.
and so on......
It is about a process or a purpose , a planting, a nourishing and in the end
it's about a beautiful 
 Our Spirits!

Original Watercolor Titled, "Field of Blooms"

In this watercolor you will see small specks of paint from a technique called
spattering, this represents the seeds all arround us.
 The blue sky represent the need for sunshine and a savior, Jesus.
The blooms reprsent the the spirit within blooming when it filled with the Holy Spirit.

Paul sowed seeds of God's words to the people of Israel,
Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Trust...
Romans 15:13
"I pray that the God who gives hope will fill
you with much joy and peace while you trust in him
Then your hope will overflow by the power
of the Holy Spirit."

Another stroke of the brush

Okay, God...
Soooo whats next?
How will you use me?
Where will you use me?
Are ya gonna use me?
Because I know you don't truly need little old me,
 a stay at home mother of 4,
with a desire to paint and serve you!
I"m just a needle in a hay stack of believers.
What can you possible use me for!
One believer...
One quite voice...
One mere mortal...
The Big Question???
Why have you placed this nagging desire within me?
Only to make it so hard to figure out the next step...
could you just call me up and say,
Hey, Deborah... Here is what I want you to do...
 I Pause..........
I Pray...........
 I am trying to be Patient.......

Directions please...
As I sit here looking out my window I can only see
a couple 100 feet or so...
It is super foggy here.
And that is exactly how I am
 One step at a time, without seeing past the
fog...Is that the message?
A message of trust.
Because even though it is foggy I
do know whats out there in that
field just past the fog.
I have seen it on a million sunny days,
(okay maybe not a million)
I trust it is still there beyond the fog.
I do know this, God is also
Just like he has been a million
times before...
He has given me more than enough...
More than enough signs,
More than enough answered prayers,
More than enough blessing.
More than enough Holy Spirit moments...
Moments when I truly know
 without a doubt
Jesus is right beside me,
right within me...
A tingling, a warmth and a indescribable moment
when I can truly feel his presence.
A persistent feeling I am right where he needs
me and saying just the right thing to someone
who needs to hear just the right thing...
And thinking Hey,
Where did that come from?
There have been times in my life when I trusted no one.
I have experience deceit and lies, times when
what I believe to be truth was not.
But, the truth in my experience does always
reveal its self in time.
And whether we choose to believe it
or not trust surrounds us everyday,
even when we don't think we are capable of  trusting
We trust the other drivers to stay on their side of the road,
We trust the time on your watch or cell phone.
We trust the can of soup we are about to open
is safe to eat.
And I trust God does have a plan and a purpose for me.
And a purpose for each and everyone of us.
So I will wait and trust without seeing what is
waiting for me on the other side of the fog.

May you also trust God,
with your doubts,
your fears,
and all your worries.
At the foot of the cross we are all equally loved.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Winner...Art Pendant Give Away,

It is time.....
Here goes......
Rachel picks
And the winner is......

Just email me
let me
know which one you Pick
and your address.
My Email address is on the side bar.
And A super big thank you to all
who participated!!
Thank you!!!

Another stroke of the brush...
To show my thanks and appreciation
to T's Daily Treasures
for announcing my
Give away on
her blog...
A wonderful treasure of a blog.
I will be sending her a
big surprise!
So Mrs. Tammy
Please email me your address as well.
Again, with all
my art and soul
I pray for abundance
and blessing to
touch your lives
each and everyday!
I believe
 God loves each
and everyone of you
I am honored that you would
allow me the opportunity
to touch your
lives and share my
  art, soul and heart for

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Give Away!!! Give Away !!! Come and Play!!!

EXTENDED...till Monday
Who's doing a give away?
Art and Soul
Professional Pics of
 One of Kind Art Pendants!
By Deborah L. Ruby (ME)
It's my birthday month...
and the followers
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We all know pictures are worth
a thousand words.
And I felt my pictures of my pendants
were not cutting it!
Soooo, My Friend at
E Photography
By Elly J. Mullan
Help me  step things up a notch!

This one it titled, Hidden Blooms an Original Watercolor.
They have a canvas back and
each on has a name
and is signed by the artist!

This on is titled, Rolling Sea
Original Fiber Art Pendant
by Deborah

Give Away!!! Yeah!!!
Your choice of one of these  2 pendants!
All you have to do is
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If you already follow, leave a comment!
From today through Saturday...12:00noon
In your comment tell me what you
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I will put all the names into a bowel &
my daughter Rachel will pick a name.
The winner will get to pick
between the two!

Another stroke of the brush!

Romans 8:31
"What then shall we say to this?
If God is for us, who can be
against us?
He who did not spare his own Son
But handed him over for us ALL,
 how will he not also give us
everything else along with him?
Who will bring a charge against God's
chosen ones?
It is GOD who Equips us."

My thoughts:
 If then God equips us
with all we need to flourish,
 through his Son
 and with his enduring love.
Are we not called to
see that others are equipped

Reach out,
Reach within,
Reach your arms
arround someone
who needs the
Love God. 

As much as I love my own
children, I believe it is nothing
compared to the Love
 God has for his children.
For I can truly say
with all my heart and soul,
I could not hand over even one
of my children,
for the sake of another.
I would surly give my own life, 
before giving the life of one of my children...

How awesome is this LOVE?
Never Changing...

Share this love with others and help them to
become equipped in the love of GOD.
 Receive this love by Grace through Faith.

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