Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little artist where are you???Updated... Boobs on a Pillow Bras for A Cause

Okay ALL you artist out there.
Do you ever feel like
the little artist in you
won't come out to play?
It is like I am Lost and can't tap
into my inner creativity.
A Road Block...
A Dry Spell...
My hands are not my own...
I can't even hold onto a brush.
Well that is where I was for the last few weeks!
I thought things like...
I have lost it...
I am not a real artist.
What does God want me to do?

"But if from there you seek the
Lord your God,
you will find him if you look for him
with all you heart and with
Deuteronomy 4:29 NIV
Isn't God's word Good!
Any hoooo!!!
I am back into the swing of things...
Yesterday I painted a tee shirt for
a class I am giving.....

I thought maybe if I am a walking billboard
Maybe someone will
take a class from me at the
Left Bank Studio.

What do you do when your Little Artist
won't come out to PLAY!!!

I hope you'll share..
I thought I needed an art day out to get inspired...
But all I got was overload and spinning wheels
in my head.
I want to be true to myself. I want to make that
connection to my spirit and find my own
unique style or brand.
So sometimes
when I look to others for inspiration,
I get creative overload....
Sooo many idea's I can't sleep...
Does this happen to anyone else?

I am also working on a bra for
Bras For The Cause
These will be actioned off
to raise money for
Breast Cancer Awareness...
and mammograms for women
who can't afford them.
I thought I would share...

The Title is...
"Fluff Your Pillows Monthly"
What do you think?
Boobs on a Canvas Pillow
Paint Bra...
 Well I will keep it short and sweet
because I have lots of work to do...
the bra is due Friday...
Everyone have a beautiful and blessed
I will keep on creating and Praising
God who has Blessed me with the gift of
artistic creativity!


Monday, September 20, 2010

The Journey...New Art Work, I call it Shabby Chic Graffiti

Feels sooo good to
be back in the Studio...
Summer was
very busy
and a whole lot of fun!!!
I am still on the Ultimate Journey
(Bible Study)
and it has been very interesting.
We've gone back and visited our
hearts at different ages.
Did you know God Loves
you Just the way you are!
I am learning to accept me, right where
I am at.
Right Now at this very moment.
 Because once I learn to accept me for
who I am and what I am, I can
be in agreement with my creator,
God,  the one who knew me before
I was placed in my mothers arms.
God accepts us and loves us just the way we are.
LIKE ... Right now! At this very moment!
He loves me in spite of my sin.
He loves me in spite of my short comings.
He loves me when I don't even love myself.
As we begin to take the time to
come to know God and who he truly is.
Only then do you come to know yourself and who you
truly are.
You are a child of a God who makes no mistakes.
You are loved beyond measure.
You are lovable.
You are acceptable.
You are who God made you to BE.

Another Stroke of the Brush...
New Art...
I  am calling these Shabby Chic Graffiti?

What do you think?
 I had fun making them....
I love the muted colors and Blues and Greens.
I use Picasa to write the verse on them
so I can write anyone's favorite bible verse.

Well, time to go back in the Studio.....
Have a Blessed Day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here is MY...
Summer in a Flash.....
I don't know about you?
But I had a great summer.....
Another Road Trip!
This is the view from my brothers home in AZ...
The girls and I went with
my parents to celebrate a birthday in Arizona.

We had time to do some sight seeing....
Rebekah and Rachel Walking in the clouds
on Mt. Lemmon  in AZ.

My niece Erika Jo's 1st Birthday
A great reason to road trip to AZ.
Isn't she adorable!!!!

Another day trip to Bisbee, Az. a former
copper mining town. Now... a quaint little artist nook.
Lots and Lots of Galleries and Artist....Yip pie for me!
I could see myself retired there and painting far into
my 90's.....Sunshine and inspiration.

On to the Iowa State Fair....
This is the mural door I paint for

This Gallery/Studio is located in
Gilbert, Iowa and I will be Teaching
there and showing my art work.

Another Stroke of the Brush...
 I took a Watercolor Workshop
with Margert M. Martin,
She is in her 80's and she is still
traveling & teaching watercolor.
One word...
She attributes her success to doing what
you are passionate about!!!

Loving what you do reduces stress and
adds years to your life span!

Next Act....
The Dayton Rodeo on Labor Day Weekend.
The Cowboy is the board treasure and very
busy getting ready for this weekend, we
will be camping there. 
So gotta go....get ready and pack...
It is good to be back and have time to
Blog...Hope I haven't lost to many followers!
Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!

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