Friday, November 19, 2010

Art, Seeds and Petals Series and The Brave Girls Club, Go Now and Check them out!!!

Seeds and Red Petals

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I found a great blog a couple months ago and I wanted to
share it.
These Sisters are creative and inspiring...
They offer
mountain retreats and are getting ready to
 launch their  first online
 workshop, which will be 6 weeks long.

I myself would looooove to go to one
of their retreats in the Idaho Rocky Mountains...
the perfect setting for 5 days of life-changing fun!
It is officially on my bucket list!
Click on the link to check it out...
I know you will love them too!!!

Another Stroke of the Brush...
I have been busy getting my art into some
local shops for the holidays!
My family and I are getting ready to go and
visit family in Kansas City and Sikeston, MO
For the Holidays.
Praying for CLEAR weather!!!
(not leaving the house if there is even a hint of band weather)
Here is Why?
2 years ago we attempted to go visit my cowboys/husbands
family in Sikeston, Mo. 2 hrs south of St. Louis.
We were about an hour and a half out of town
when we came upon some sleet on an overpass.
All at once the car in front of us hit their brakes
and in turn we had to hit ours. We had our Ford Excursion
filled to the brim with luggage and all 6 of us...Plus our little
white dog, a Westie. We proceeded to roll down an embankment
3 times, Yes 3 times. Our little dog was air born in our truck like Toto in the
Wizard of Oz. We were all shaken and a little banged up
but, NO one was seriously hurt...It Was A Miracle!
It all happened in slow motion....
Really,  A real Miracle!!!
 Not only was our dog flying around
but there was also a ball hitch airborne. For those of you who don't know
what that is...It goes in the back of the truck under the bumper to
attach a trailer. Don't ask why my cowboy needed
to bring an extra one for this trip? But it was now located
on the dash board in the front of our truck.
These ball hitches must weigh at least 5 to 10lbs. I can not
believe it did not hit someone in the head.
Needless to say our truck was totaled and we had to call our friends to come and pick us
up and take us back home. All this happen the day before Thanksgiving, I did not
have any groceries to cook a Thanksgiving meal, we weren't supose to be home.
Another Miracle... Neighbors brought us all their left overs after their main meal....
We sure had a lot to be THANKFUL for that year...

Hence the prayer for good weather!!!
We have not been to see the cowboy's family
since the accident and it is a 9 1/2 hour trip.
Thankfully going south is a good thing because
the weather gets better the further south from Iowa we go.

The crisp colors of fall...
Here are some pictures I took
in one of the shops my art is currently in....
I though it would get me in the spirit of

of Giving Thanks!!!
I also thought I might do a still life???

What are you thankful for?

May you be thankful for family and
friends and share your many blessings
with others.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Away on FB Art & Soul Gallery

Pretty in Pink Roses
Give Away!!!!
I am so happy to
reach 100 fans on
my face book fan

I am having a Rosie give away!!!
3 Ways to win....
1st Become a fan, Leave a comment, or share Art & Souls link on
your Home Page....
Leave a comment for each way to win
on the fan page.

Here is what you can win!!!

Thanks for participating!!!
Have a beautiful day!
Many Blessings, Deborah

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