Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Splash of Faith

Share a splash of faith with somebody during this Christmas season, be a refreshing reminder of Gods Love.  Give someone a splash of kindness, rejuvinate their spirit with the living water of Gods words.
Gods words are like a splash of water, it renews, it gives life and it cleanses the soul.
"It can be a real wake up call ,if your moms threatens to throw some cold water on you if you don't get outta the bed and get ready for school." Okay, yes I have said that to more than one of my children.
GOD calls us to be stewards of his words.
 I desire for people to see less of me and more of Jesus.  Wouldn't it be awsome if we saw more of Jesus in everyone, Because that would mean we would see only Love, not anger,not hate or impatience. We would be face to face with love no matter who we were facing. Imagin only Love!
The question is how to accomplish this?
I will choose Love and forgivness when it is difficult, I will have hope when it apears hopeless and joy when tears are falling.
I will try to remind myself, Jesus was born because God Loves Us.  In dying he saved us and in rising he broke the bonds of death and sin to live again.
So when I feel down and heavy burdened, I know that there is Joy in Jesus because he will come AGAIN!
Have a wounderful Christmas and don't allow the insanity of the malls and shoping steal you Joy!
This Watercolor is piece from a new series I am calling, A Splash of.....Faith, Joy, Love ect.
All Gods Blessing, Debbie


Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder! Praise the Lord.

Xmas Dolly said...

Your pictures are lovely. How terribly interesting the way you capture what you see. I especially love your horses. I am your newest follower with a splash of friendship. I hope you can find the time to follow me. Have a wonderful day.

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