Friday, February 4, 2011

A collaboration between God and I. Art and A New Link.

Answered Prayer
Divinely Inspired.

I am so, so excited to share
my newest inspirational
"A Splash of Color
  A Dose of FAITH"

Here's the story
behind the ART.
Hope you like it!
The Internet is abundant with
 beautiful works of art
and artist.
I love to look at all the
creative artwork out there in
blog land and ETSY it can
be so inspiring.
But, sometimes I feel overwhelmed
by all the talented people out

I had begun to think its all been
done like...(art)
What is original?
What hasn't been done?
An artist teaches a class
and you come out with a
piece of art that is more a
reflection of their
style then your own.
I want my own style.
As an artist you want to be
unique and stand out in the crowd.
It is kinda hard to explain, I'll Try! 

What do I want from my art?
I want my work to show the connection
I have with God when I am creating it.
I don't want to be just another artist.
I want to be a Christian Artist.
 Is that a limiting label? Maybe but, I don't care!

I want the world to know I love Jesus and
without him I would not have these gifts.
I want my art to be less about
me and more about the
work God is doing
through me & in me.

"Art is a collaboration between
 God and the artist, and the less
 the artist does the better."
 ~André Gide
 This is one of my all time favorite

So I have been praying,
God Give me something
Give me something small 4 1/2"x4 1/2"and
affordable to all.
Give me something
that shows my LOVE  for YOU.
Let me first start by telling you
that I really didn't spend much time
in the studio last month.
Just not feeling IT!
So a couple days ago I walk
into my studio and as if in a daze
I spy a old piece of art
which I had cut up into strips and
woven it together with a verse on it.
I never finished it!
It was big 18"x20" or so.
The only explanation I have is
the Holy Spirit took over and I
just started cutting up old artwork,
Which I wasn't happy with.
Reclycled ART.
I don't think I could have stopped
creating these if I wanted to.
With in 3 hours or so I had these made.
Then I thought to myself,  Had
planted this seed in me 4 years
ago when I made the big one?

It was a Holy Spirit moment.
When I finished these pieces and I took a
step back, I felt tingles
and goose bumps from my
head to my toes.
Ya'all are thinking eek, she could
be crazy.
But, these I call  Holy Spirit moments
and they are
real to me!
I know... I know, CRAZY,
But, I know I am not alone it these
moments...which I can feel the presence
of the Holy Spirit.
(Cause I am blessed to know others
like me.) LOL!
I have some good... good friends,
and when we get together in prayer
we all get these same feelings.
Not all the time, just sometimes.
Like when we are praying for
others or our husbands...LOL!

In the end friends, MY truly
 honest intention
is and will always be
to honor God and to
use my gifts and talents to
Give my Father in Heaven all
the Glory!
My intention is to share this gift with others
so they to will be blessed and inspired to use their gifts.
I want to be transparent even if it means
I have to be vulnerable.
I refuse to white wash my faith or
 My truth...
God is my Father,
Jesus is His son,
and My Savior
and the Holy Spirit
Lives In Me.
I am a
Welcome to my journey!
I am so glad you stopped
Many Blessings, Deborah

Also, I linked up with It's Grace
yesterday and wanted to share
her wonderful blog with you.
So hop on over, you will
be blessed by her
words and her heart.

 Here is another Great
Christian Blog;  Rachel @

Stop by for inspiration and to
share the amazing Blessing
God has for each of us.


Bev said...

hi there...i relate with everything you are saying, and that is why i make art...because god gave me a gift and i make art to glorify him. isn't it great!!! creating for god...

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful and inspiring post, Deborah. Your new creativity is also interesting. Blessings to you and yours!

Sharon said...

I feel the very same way. I want so much to Gloryify God in my art. I haven't done any art work on paper or canvas in several Mo. I have plenty of time just can't seem to know what to do,even though I have been praying about it. I just love to be creative, so I have been doing that with my blogs and headers and such. But that is not the same as real art work.
So glad God is showing you what to do. Your work is very creative and nice.
If you have any advice I would love it.
God Bless!

Rachel said...

Love those!! Isn't is awesome when an idea/inspiration is clearly from God? Thanks so much for linking up at a A Steady Rain. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa said...

I am so glad you found me! I look forward to following you too! Your blog is very inspiring, especially because I am enthralled with artists like you who get their inspiration from the Lord! May God bless you as you seek to honor him with your art.


Nancy said...

Deborah, Yes, Yes, Yes.....I totally understand where you are coming from...I too want to reflect God in all I do and create because He has given the talents.....

I am so happy for you that He has shown you what He wants you to do with your talents....the pictures are beautiful...I have been struggling alittle with the same issue.....I love doing a variety of artistic endeavors and really want something that is just you were talking about.....

Just reading your post today has been such a huge encouragement....Thank you for being open and transparent....

Hugs and blessings

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A collaboration between God and I. Art and A New Link.
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