Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sowing, Growing and Sharing & A new watercolor...

It is planting time in Central Iowa and
the farmers are busy sowing seeds
in the fields surrounding my home.
The tulips are just beginning to bloom
bright vibrant colors, red, violet and yellow.
Thanks to the lady who lived here
before we bought our place.
You see, the truth is, I can paint flowers
but, I really really can not have grow them,
not a green thumb
on either hand.
That is unless I am painting with green....Smile!

If I leave the flowers be, they seem to grow.
If I tend  them, they go....never to grow again.
So I just let nature do its thing!!!
And I do mine...

This is the newest addition to my
Seeds & Petals Series
Seeds, Petals and Spring Tulips

This is a 5" x 7" matted original watercolor.
I will be selling it on ETSY

Another Stroke of the Brush...
 As I watch the farmers sowing their seeds,
It reminds me of my need to
sow Gods words into my
heart and soul daily.
We must make the time
to sow Gods words or
we can not grow
as Christians.

"The Lord your God, will bless you in all your harvest
and in all the work of your hands, and
your joy will be complete.
Deuteronomy 16:15

See as Christians we have work to do...
Sharing the Harvest.

Sow encouragement into a friend soul.
Help someone else grow in Gods Love.
Harvest and share the Love you
have found
Jesus Christ.
May your Blessing be many and your
harvest be bountiful.
Thanks for droping by!!! Have a great day!


LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Beautiful Deborah! I would love to be there in this picture. It looks so serene. I was raised in the country and now live in the city and man oh man, how I sure miss the country life.

Smiles to you today!
Lee Ann

Claus said...

I've been fortunate as to have a good hand with flowers and nature. Everything that I sow, usually grows :-) and hence caring after my little garden boxes and pots has become a hobby. I suppose I have a green thumb, a term I became acquaited with not so long ago :-)) BUT I was not blessed with other qualities...there is something for everybody I suppose. It's part of God's plan for each of us.
Beautiful painting!! I especially love the sky in it. I have a thing for skies I've been noticing.
Have a lovely day!

Martha Lever said...

Deborah!! YOU WON the Scripture necklace! Let me know if you would like an 18 inch necklace or 17 and which dog tag you would like.
Congratulations. Also please send me your address

Julie Harward said...

The art, heart and soul of Deborah is a beautiful thing...thanks for your made me cry, it's all still with me, so deep in my soul I guess. Thanks for your kindness :D

The Gough Inn said...

came from Julie Harward blog -- she has the nices comments from you and thought you would be someone I'd care to know and sure enough you are -- I am into Art and do a bit of painting. I just checked out some of your work and enjoying seeing all that you do -- very well done! I'll be back.. Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

Deborah, your watercolor is beautiful. I love the sky colors, especially the light tourquoise. You have written a very inspiring, thankful, and heart-felt post. God bless! You are very talented. Your watercolors are uplifting and cheery.

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