Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning and a Fresh Coat of Paint...Before...

Spring has sprung and I am
having the urge to
change the scheme of
the walls in my...
My Kitchen
 an Old World Color wash.

and my Living Room
Just golden with denim and red accents...

And the down stairs bathroom
This was a denim technique
Sooooo, There you have it,
Time for a new look and a new energy.
I am thinking of doing one color everywhere...
It is a pale lavender with a tinge of gray,
very soft and a nice calming energy.
The kitchen is French County now....
I am envisioning Vintage
with this color swatch...
What do you think?
All my blue ball jars will pop
off the color.
And  I love vintage turquoise it
will be the kitchen accent color.
It looks really nice with these colors too!
I Think I have the plan...
In My Head!!!!
I am hoping to buy the paint today or tomorrow.
Just a matter of finalizing my color palette in
My Head ...of course.
Stay tuned for the After Pics.
Have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday!


Prudence said...

HI Deborah!
I didn't get the print yet. Hopefully tomorrow! I can't wait to see the finished rooms, but they already look good. It is so nice to see a picture up of you, I was just imagining what you looked like!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I like the colors you have but change is always a good thing. And with your artistic talent, I am sure everything will turn out beautifull! Enjoy the process. Many blessings, Tammy

Martha Lever said...

Hi Deborah! Thanks so much for your post yesterday and I am so glad the necklace got there safely!!!

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