Sunday, October 16, 2011

Signs on the journey and Inspiration to keep your eyes open & Our Crazy Busy Life!!!

Hey beautiful peeps,
Long time no anyone still out there? (Following)
I decided to take a sabbatical from technology.
It can consume and monopolize your time before
you know it hit you.
I spent the summer with my beautiful
family. PRICELESS.
Although lets be honest I did facebook.
I mean really I have to keep up with family and friends.

Summer is my favorite time of the year and it was crazy busy
in a good way.
In bring my summer to a close I made a faith step (not with out prayerful consideration)
and took a
journey to The Creative Connection Event in St. Paul, Mn.
This is about that journey and how the holy spirit was watching my
back the whole time
TCC is an event created by Where Women Create.
It is all about successful creative women in business and lots of fun classes to
make art & crafts.
Right up my alley! Right!
Well friends it ain't cheep to attend these conferences.
Although the information they share and the spark of
creativity they ignite IS
With the two boys in college I didn't think it was in the cards
for me to go this year. I had wanted to go to this event
last year sooo badly.
So Like, I am always praying for God to show me
when, where and how to take my art to a new level.
 Always asking for direction?
Should I go? God do you want me to go?
I want to honor him always in all ways. In the back of my mind
 and at the bottom of my heart...
God IS First
Honoring my Husband 2nd
and being there for my family in 3rd on
my priority list.
Asking God...A SIGN
So I set up my art at a sidewalk show in Gilbert.
 My friend Sarah is also set up. I begin to tell her all about it, TCC.
Well guess what,
She went to it last year for one day. (me..thinking really, cool!)
So She says, " did you know if you volunteer for the
event you get to help in the classes and panels?"
I said, "NO."
I rush home to research this with there being only two weeks left before the event.
Thinking they probable have enough volunteers. But, its worth a shot just to check
it out. I email the contact Lacy and wait for a reply...Wait, wait, wait.
To my surprise they still needed volunteers. Count me in! At this time I am only thinking
I will go and just see what its about and meet lots of other creative women. I hadn't even read
the fine print in the e-mail Lacy sent me. I was just excited to road trip!
Lacy calls and I tell her the hours and day I am willing to help and then I get another email.
Make sure you register for your free classes or panels. Re-read the 1st email.
If you volunteer for 5 hours you get 1 class or 2 free panels. And 1 meal.
 WHAT? Oh my gracious loving God, No Way!
If you work 10 hours you get another free class or panel and a meal and thats not
all, you will get a TCC bag filled with free creative stuff. I am having heart palpatations
at this point. God is this you? I send an email to Lacy right away and tell her to work me as
much as see needs me all day Friday, because all the panels I want are on Saturday. 
With of course my husband and families blessing.

Well friends this is just the first sign on the journey. So much more to share...
But, I can't put it all in one post.
Next post Stop, Shop & Spend!
Oh my!

Got to meet a wonderful bloggin Friend,
Prudence @

And so Much More.

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Prudence said...

oh my , I have taken a break from blogging too, I am just trying to concentrate on my family. Love that picture!

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