Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Art Dancing Sunflowers, Recycled Whimsy Blooms & Inspiration

New Art
From the Art & Soul Studio
Watercolor painting
on watercolor canvas...
Titled "Dancing Sunflowers"
Sunflowers are one of my favorite subjects
to paint. Not sure if it is quite done?
Have any of you used watercolor canvas?
What did you think of the experience?
Any Tips and Tricks out there?
New ... Painted on fabric
A light cotton scrape fabric painted with
acrylic with a textile medium added.
I use the stretcher bars
from a piece of  old shabby art I found
at good will for $1.19
I removed the old canvas
and then attach the fabric to the wood frame.
No fear the old art was a mass produce
piece from Target of somewhere.

Titled "Whimsy Blooms"
Size 8"x8"
I finished the 1" sides of this piece with old jeans I
cut a strip from.

I am liking the idea of recycling old mass produce
art into something new and original.

Another Stroke of the Brush...

If you ever experience a creative block...
Try something new,
Believe in yourself...
Believe in your art...
Seek inspiration from,
God, Nature, Other Artist
and in the simple things in life....

"Be Faithful in the small things, because
it is in them you will find your strength."
Mother Teresa

Enjoy the spirit of creativity!

Many Blessings, Deborah


charmeddesign1012 said...

Love 'whimsy blooms!' The denim sides are great. I'm a new follower from etsypreneur, hope you will follow my blog as well:

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Deborah, so pretty, I love both of these pieces, just so simple and relaxing to look at! good job! Have a wonderful afternoon:)

Prudence said...

lovely sunflowers and whimsy's, very pretty!

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