Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walking, My First Tutorial

                          And when I start too
walking, these boots will be like NeeeeeW!
First a pair of my boots...
And a some inspiration.
I'll let ya all in on a little
I have a western boot fetish...
I have, Black, Brown, Red, Aqua, Dark Purple,
 Just to name a few!
Some people collect trinkets, I
collect Western Boots.
No worries, I only buy boots when they are on sale!!!!

 This Pair is a "little" worn out!
So I figured it is time for a make over.
Paint, Brushes, textile medium, a pair of boots and 
the rest is an open door for creativity. 

First a base coat... With Folk Art Paint and a Textile medium..

How about some Southwest style....
A Lizard, I made a pattern and traced it on
the boot  
with a Watercolor Pencil.
It is easy to erase the outlines from
a watercolor pencil.
I use them when I do Mural on Walls.

Draw a Cactus, I cut out, traced around edge  with
a watercolor pencil. 

It took about three coats of paint to cover the base coat 
of pink. 
The textile medium thins out the paint.
Make sure the paint and textile medim is well mixed.

3 Coats done, now time to dry and when it is dry,
it is time to add
 some detail...

A little Cactus Detail...

Some bright colors for the lizard detail...

Wah LA! a "like" New pair of boots.
I will need to do some rearch and figure out
what I can use
for a top coat and a protectant
Any suggestion are welcome!

I think I will wear them to the annual
Pony Express Dance!!!
I might even need a new outfit...

I Love your comments, let me know
what YOU think?



Paulette Insall said...

oh deborah this is awesome!!!! would you pretty please go over and post about your fabulous tutorial on our "create by faith" community???

blessings & hugs,

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh Deborah what a wonderful idea and thank you for this tutorial. Believe it or not, I dont' own a pair of cowboy boots but have always wanted a pair. Now I really want a pair so that when they wear out I can paint on them.

Thank you also for mentioning how you use the watercolor pencils to outline for murals. I've not thought of that before. On the murals I have done, I've used chalk to outline with.

Please take a picture of you wearing your colorful boots to that dance. Pretty Please?

♥Lee Ann

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Deborah, good to see that you are back to blogging. Love those painted boots. I just donated some of the kids old tennie shoes to an art class at school. They are doing a exhibition on homelessness and poverty and how we don't know the lives of others until we walk in their shoes. Should be interesting. Hope you are having a beautifuld day. :) Tammy

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Deborah, your blog is awesome and you are so creative. Look forward to browsing through more of you older posts when I have a chance. :)

fancyscrapper said...

Hi Deborah! I found your blog from the Brave Girls 1000 Awesome Things. Your painted boots are awesome! Thanks for taking pics and sharing the process here. It's also cool to find a fellow Believer who is artistic. Have a lovely day!

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