Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Miracles of Jesus

On this day of thanksgiving, I am reflecting on the love of Jesus and some of the miracles for which I am thankful for. First and most of all I am thankful for the miracle of the holy spirit, because this is how God talks to me, through Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit. I know when it is his voice because it aligns with the words of God in the Holy Bible. I believe there are still miracles in this day and age, because God and his son Jesus Christ are the same today as yesterday and will be forever.  That is the everlasting truth I find comfort in.
 Hebrews 13:8
"Jesus, the Messiah, is the same yesterday and today-and forever!
 Miracles over nature, over sickness, miracles over evil, over death and the cross. He stilled a storm, he walked on water,  he is a fisher of men and he filled the nets with an abundance of fish. The blind man saw, the crippled walked, the deaf man  heard, the sick were healed and the dead man was raised to life.
I choose to trust Jesus because  he cares about all lifes small stuff and he is faithful, he forgives us and renews us, when we chose him.
 Jesus shows us how to love one another with second chances, forgiveness, with acceptance, without conditions or limitations. He offers us love, caring, friendship, faith, and a path to God the Father.
In reality I think Jesus chose us to be his people, to be his mission, to be his hands and feet.
He has chosen us to mirror  his image and he has chosen us to love our enemies, to love his people and to be stewards of Gods living words.
He has shown us how to care for the hungry, how to teach others faith, he shown us how to share the truth and most of all he shows us that love and faith are greater than evil.
He invites us to run away from our past sins and mistakes and sprint into his open arms and his everylasting LOVE.
I am reminded to be thankful for today, this moment and the bountyful love I have found in Jesus Christ. To be thankful for the journey and to chose not to dwell on  past mistakes, failiures and to get back up when I stumble and try to do better in Jesus name.
A big hug and  thank you to my mother and father for teaching me faith, for loving me unconditionally and  giving me my first lessons in what family is.  Thank you for giving me the gift of being a daughter and a sister and a friend. Thank you, I Love You.
Original Watercolor created 2009.
 Inspired by the miracle of the rose. The beauty, the joy,the smell, the love and the smile it brings when we get one.  All this in one single bloom, which was planted with love and havested from a seed.
 Titled "WITH LOVE" Now thats a miracle in this day and age, take time today to see a miracle today and give thanks and praise. Miracles are all arround us everyday, so just open your heart, believe and receive it and then share it. All Gods blessing, Deborah

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