Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spider Man Mural

Hey! Friends and Family,
 I am
on sharing pictures of the
mural I have been working
Spider Man

Spider Man Swinging

Spider Man crawling down soon to be building

 Spiderman on top of building
shoot Web

Mustang billboard add.

Soon to have busy car on New York city

Church building.....
Well that is enough for
I still have a ways to go!
I am feeling better about
it now and can see the light.
This mural is for a almost 3 year
old Boy.

Thank you Jesus for this gift
I am able to share with
It is only through this gift you
have given me that I am
able to create, paint
and be creative.
All the Glory be yours Alone,
Allow me to
touch the lives
of the people I
paint for and honor you.

Another stroke of the brush....

Quote from Mother Theresa of Calcutta
"Never worry about the numbers,
Help one person at a time
 and always start
with the
NEAREST to you."

It is snowing, AGAIN...6 TO 8 INCHES.
Here in Iowa...
Everyone have a great Sunday.
Enjoy the Super Bowel if you must.
I made a big pot of chili,
Husbands request.
All 4 of my children are home for
Thank you, Awesome God!
I love it when we are all together.

May God Bless you all,
 as much or more
abundantly then  he has me and my whole family.

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