Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too Much Fun Making Art Pendants

Drop by for a visit,
I am having too much
New and Creative
are swirling in
my Head!!!
 All those watercolors I thought where
Not Worthy to share...
Guess what?
I am creating art pendants with them.
I just place the glass tile
over different spots on the piece of
artwork until I Love what is behind the
Then I use Diamond Glaze a water-based
adhesive and glue the tile, Let it dry!
The Glaze makes the colors ever more vibrant.
Cut around the tile and glue it to canvas.
The canvas back allows me to sign
each pendant and date it.
Add a sterling silver plated bail...

A tiny treasure...
Art you can wear...
They are sooooo cool!
My options are unlimited, with
all that artwork stacked up
in the studio.
I didn't know what to do with.
So glad one of my art teachers
told me never to throw away
art... even when you don't like it.

Without further ado!

Leave a comment and let me know
what you think...
The sun is shining in Iowa!
Thank you Jesus!
Hope everyone has a great day!
These Pendants and others can be found at my ETSY
Link. Stop By Soon!

I am off to paint on Spider Man the never ending mural.
Due to the weather I have been limited on
when I could travel to work on it...
Prayers always help,
God, Thank you for all the Blessing in My Life...
Let me touch the lives of others
that they might see your light
guiding me...
That they would seek the light and joy
you offer in Christ Jesus
And be Guided
All the glory be yours alone......

1 comment:

T's Daily Treasures said...

Gorgeous! I love Poppies and Blue Skies. So vibrant and colorful. Glad to hear the sun is shining. Hope things continue to warm up for you. Blessings, Tammy

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