Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Creative....
Newest Edition to my Art Pendants Collection

These Pendants are made from
100% cotton gauze layered between
to glass tiles
accented with faux 
silver solder tape.

I love to use this technique on my watercolors to
create texture.
Here's How...
You lay the gauze over the area
you want to have a woven
You paint directly over
the gauze on to your
You let it dry completely and
then you remove the gauze
and it leaves a wonderful
texture on the painting.

Examples of using gauze
Thing is I can't throw away the
gauze. It retains all the
color from the paint.
So... I have a whole bowel filled
with all
of the colored gauze.
I love all the richness of color.
I had no idea what  I could use
this gauze for.
I was making some pendants
from prints of original watercolors
and spotted the bowel of
Wham,Bam and a new idea!

Fiber Art Pendants.
Each one is an original never
to be recreated.
Reuse, Recycle, Reduce.
Another stroke of the brush...This is the air I breathe

This is the end product!
Hope you like them...
You can find them at my Etsy Shop.

Love is in the air...

This is the air I breathe
Your holy presence living in me
This is my daily bread...
This is my daily bread...

Your VERY WORD spoken to me
And I I'm desperate for you...

And I I'm I'm lost without you...This is the air I breathe...
This is the air I breathe....
This is a Awesome Worship Song, by Micheal Smith...

Take time to breath in
the Love of
Share it!!!


Dena E's Blog said...

Hello Deborah,,,just thought I'd pop over to your wonderful blog again..HAPPY SUNDAY ~~~Hugs Dena

Maria said...

Hi Deborah~ I enjoy stopping over ... you always have such sweet things to say and beautiful art as well...
The Michael W. Smith song... just love that too ♫
It's still cold here in upstate, NY... it's been a windy winter...but these warm and friendly blogs keep things cozy!

T's Daily Treasures said...

All of your work is just beautiful! Wishing you a warm, wonderful and serene Sunday! Blessings, Tammy

peggyapl said...

beautiful! i like it that you recycled and made something beautiful out of something someone else would throw away. recycling reminds me how God can still make our lives beautiful even when we mess up.

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