Monday, February 8, 2010

Purpose... A day of questioning?

What is mine?
I thought I knew it!
But there are days
don't feel
I do...
Why can't God just whisper loud and clear
in my ear

Does it change daily
like my mood?

Does it change as a grow
in faith?

Sometimes I feel like,
God, its me Deborah your faithful
Servant, how would you have me
Make it clear...
to me....
I hear...
Take care of your husband,
Take care of your children,
Use you gifts and talents,
Love your family near and far,
Share you faith one
person at a time.

Quite your mind.
Hear not your own voice,
But make room to
hear mine.

Sunset Beach I By Deborah L. Ruby

Calm down...take a breath...visualize!
The Water calms my spirit.

Sunset II by Deborah L. Ruby
The Blue, aqua and green, the sound of the waves and
the smells of the sea...
My Faith in God
Jesus Christ and
the Holy Spirit
calms my soul.

So you wonder why the lingering questions?
So many to love, can I love enough?
So much to do, can I do enough?
So many talented artist, am
I good enough?
Does anybody hear me?
Can they see the light within me?
Even on the days I
know I am not

So many choices to make...
Waiting to hear from God...
Did I miss his voice?
All  these 
 thoughts swirling
in my head.
It is time to contemplate
another change.
I will wait upon the Lord!
I will trust the answer to be clear.
I will believe he has a
purpose just for me.
So I will wait.....
and Hear his voice...
God has a plan!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Keep asking for direction and you will know what is right for you. Your watercolors are so beautiful and those murals fantastic. I am sure God has great plans for you. Sometimes we have to be willing to take the risk. Have blessed day! :) Tammy PS Stay warm!

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