Monday, December 20, 2010

My Daughter Rebekah's Blog

I have to be a brag-in mom...
to know me is to know...

I LOVE my children with
all my heart and soul.
NO one loves them more then
their mama, except for JESUS.
I believe God has called me to be
a wife to their daddy
To be THEIR mother.
I will thank God all the days
of my life for
Blessing me times 4...
Plus one good man.

Rebekah is a Creative Spirit...
Besides drawing and decorating
our Christmas Tree for the past
3 years 
(pictutes in previous post)

She Loves...
and taking pictures.
Her teachers tell me
she a good writer too!

Rebekah is starting a blog...
2 posts so far...

Photography by Rebekah

 This is one of my favorites...
She took it in 2008.
She is my flower child...
A free spirit...
Creative, And
a beautiful blessing.

 This one is a collage
she made of her and Rae.
Everyday her Sister
and on (most) days one of
her best friends.

This one she took for Thanksgiving.

Rebekah and Rachel
my favorite girls in the
whole wide world.
Stop bye and welcome her to
the world of blogging.
Good Luck Rebekah!
Take a picture, write, dream and
be true to yourself.

Another Stroke of the Brush...
A mothers advice...
Dearest Girls
Follow your dreams and see where
they take you.
Have Faith,
Jesus in your heart...
Care and take a leap
of faith once in a while.
Steer clear of fear,
Be a blessing to others.
Believe in yourself.
Try to live your life with
no regrets.
Be forgiving,
Be a good listener and
a good friend.
I Love...Loving you!

May the true meaning of Christmas
Reveal to you
the Love of God...
With the perfect gift of
His Son. Jesus
 Many Blessings, Deborah


T's Daily Treasures said...

I can already tell from the photos you've shared that your daughter is just as talented as her artist mama. The Christmas tree looks wonderful too. Mine is still practically bear except for lights and an unfinished paper garland. I wanted to handmake all the decorations but just haven't had the time lately. I will get to work on it in the next few days. I also tried to watercolor some Christmas cards. Yikes! I need to practice, or to take lessons. HA! Welcome Rebekah to blog land. Best wishes, Tammy

Carol Blackburn said...

Deborah, your girls are lovely young women. I can see the joy they bring you written all over your face. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year.

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