Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Tutorial for Inexpensive Holiday Ornaments

Hey everyone are you getting into the Holiday Spirit?
We had a great time visiting all the
cowboys family in South East Missouri.
Of course
All I did was eat!!!

Holiday Ornaments....
So simple and fun to make.

Joy to the World Bird Ornament
All you need...
 You probably have on hand in
your studio.

 Lets get started...
 Holiday craft paper or wrapping paper
Diamond Glaze
Exacto Knife
Foam Core

Lets get started....
First trace the shape you want to make
onto the foam core, I used scrapes.
I used a wooden ornament from our tree
 to make my shape.

Cut the shape out with your exacto knife.

Trace the cut out
shape onto the decorative paper or
wrapping paper.
Glue the foam core to the paper
of your choice.

Cut the paper to match shape and
Leaving about a 1" edge around the shape.

Use your scissors to cut
about a 1/4" slits
all the way around the foam core shape.

Start gluing the slits to the back of the ornament.
Slitting the paper makes it lots easier to
do the round shape.
You may have to trim the paper a little
here and there to cover all the foam core.

It is all glue up and dry.
I like using the diamond glaze
because it drys so fast.

To finish the back I traced and cut the shape
with some construction paper and
hot glued it to get a finished look.
I added ribbon with the glue gun
I added some BLING 
& embellished letters.
BaMm OOO! 

 Then I came up with another idea.
I used scrap piece of denim and painted
 a cute little snowman on it. I finished off the back
with a round piece of denim sized to fit
and added a bright red bow.
I used acrylic paint with fabric medium
to paint my snowman.
I used all the same steps noted above
after my paint dried.
Once I got these going...
 ideas started reeling in my head.
 How about using...
decorative fabric...
 cookie cutters for the shape...
news paper and paint a design
on it.
You could embellish these to your hearts desire.
Foam core is inexpensive and if your
anything like me you have scraps
of everything lying around the studio,
decorative paper, fabric, newsprint, wrapping
paper or felt.
Make sure your exacto knife is sharp!
 I hope you"ll give it a try...
 If you do give it a go?
Use your imagination!
 I hope you'll share what you come up with...
Have a creative day!

Many Blessings,
Jesus is the reason
for this season!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Deborah, these are so cute! I just love the bird one. Have a Happy:)Thursday! Love and Blessings for a great Holiday Season!

Joy said...

Southeast MO? I went to school in Cape Girardeau and I have family in that area... Yep, the birdie is cute!

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