Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OUR TREE BY REBEKAH J. RUBY This years theme is Santa himself

Each year for the past few,
My daughter Rebekah has designed our
Christmas tree...
She begins by sketching it out with
colored pencils.
Then it is may job to find new
ornaments to fit the theme...
We go to Goodwill and the Salvation
Army and use some ornament from
the previous year.
This Year Theme

Our tree at mornings first light...

Santa's workshop with lots of red bulbs...
and his reindeer.

So many Santa's to choose from....
Red & Green his signature colors...

Dear Santa ....
Glitter and lots of lights...

So this year Santa is hanging
around our tree and it looks
I am always so proud and
amazed at her talent, she takes
time to place each ornament in the
perfect spot...
Perfectionism from the Cowboy (her daddy)!!!
(not from the mama)
but, I am happy to say she is a creative spirit just
like me.

And my personal favorite is...
Yep, that is Santa with a
Proving there is a artist
in each and everyone of
And Santa is a perfect example
of using our gifts and talents to
be a blessing to others.
And giving all the glory to
I hope everyone is enjoying
this holiday season.
And may all your prayers and
wishes come true
this Christmas Season....
Many Blessings, Deborah


Claus said...

very beautiful!!
you have a very talented daughter.
Have a great day!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Deborah,
Love your explanation "Santa is a perfect example of using our gifts and talents to be a blessing to others and giving all the glory to Jesus." Awesome way of looking at Santa when you are a Christian and teaching the children. I wrote that down to save with my collection of quotes so I won't forget it. I hope I have the opportunity to use it to witness.

Nancy said...

What a gift to your daughter to let her choose and design the tree....She's obviously a very talented young lady.....The tree is beautiful...

Tina said...

What a cool thing that your girl designs and decorates the tree. I love the Santa tree.
Great job.

Jancalligrapher said...

Hi, Deborah, thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I appreciate it. I liked looking at your tree, thanks for sharing.


ChariT said...

Pretty tree! What a beautiful blog!
I love your motto!

Stay beautiful and blessed! :)

Joy said...

Your Santa with a palette reminds me I have a Snoopy Hallmark ornament and he is holding a paint brush and watercolor set. I'd better dig him out and hang him up!

Rebekah Jean said...

You posted this on your blog?... AHH.

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