Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our Horses,
Taken this winter...
I have become addicted to colleges!

In the center is our sunset right behind the barn!
Yes, I know it is awesome!
And I also know am truly blessed
 to be able to look west out my kitchen window
and see straight to the horizon
without anything blocking my view.
 I have a cozy little bench
which I can sit on 
and enjoy beautiful sunsets whenever I can. 
I think horses are one of Gods most majestic creatures.

Another stroke of the brush...
On the way to work on the Spider Man Mural today I thought to myself, Wow! How many people
get to go to work and color with paint and get paint all over myself as well as my overalls.
How did I get so blessed? How is it on one side of the world there is me and my only worry this
morning is do I have enough paint? (after I got everyone off to work and school)
And on the other side of the world they have no food, no fresh water and
 no place to lay there weary heads.
 I wounder how come some people in the states don't realize how fortunate they are?
Too even take for granted fresh water.
we have perfectly safe running water and I buy bottled, because I don't like the taste.
I heard a story
about a man and his
They ate out once a week
and only ordered water to drink.
that is 2 X 5 which equals 10.00 dollars
a week and 40.00 dollars a month.
You can feed a family for a month
 in some outreach programs.
And I am buying bottle water.
 Wake UP CALL...
Only care Paint? (TODAY ANYWAY)
What I realized is.. you can cut back just a few
 dollars a day and HELP another ...
have what I take for granted.


a SMALL sacrafice on Our part could mean
water, food and shelter to another.
All Gods Blessing....


T's Daily Treasures said...

This is so true and something I think about every day. I look at all the people around me and they only seeem to care about themselves, where they are going and what they are doing -- will literally run over someone to get there. It is truly a sad state of being when you get to that point and don't consider others or have empathy for those less fortunate or those who have tragedy occur in their lives. There's so much we can do with so little effort. We must be conscience of our blessings daily and use them accordingly. Blessings to you, Tammy p.s. your horses in winter are beautiful!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Love your winter horses and love your post. I, too, have been introspective about the things I take for granted.
And Deborah, thank you always for your lovely comments on my blog. You bless me!

Rhondi said...

Hi Deborah
Thanks for leaving a comment today and for giving your opinion. Your photo collage is beautiful. What an awesome place you live in!
Hugs, Rhondi

Maria said...

Oh I've always wanted horses... Your collage is beautiful! (I'm addicted to collages too! Thanks a lot Picasa! ;o)
Your comments about making small sacrifices is so important. How much can be saved if we just throw some of that small change in a jar!
This is getting me to think about keeping a jar in my classroom for students to toss change they would have spent on "snack food" at school -chips and cookies-
thinking about that now~ Thanks for the inspiration!

Maria said...

ps...oh and the change in the jar could go to a local charity or to Haiti, for example.

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